Practice Areas

The attorneys at Jorge M. Abril, P.A. strive to practice law with the utmost professionalism and the highest ethical standards, while using all available means to provide the desired results.  Our main practice areas include:

Healthcare Reimbursement
Jorge M. Abril, P.A. represents hospitals, physician practice groups, and other medical providers in individual and aggregate managed care disputes and lawsuits, Medicare and Medicaid payment matters, lien enforcement actions, Workers Compensation claims, bankruptcy cases, probate actions, and all other accounts receivable matters. Our staff of attorneys, insurance specialists, and debt collection professionals is dedicated to securing the highest possible recoveries at the lowest possible cost to the provider, while striving to maintain integrity in the profession and preserve the provider’s working relationship with its patients and other payors.  The firm’s lawyers also routinely speak publicly and write on issues relevant to healthcare providers and reimbursement professionals.

Commercial Law
Jorge M. Abril, P.A.’s lawyers provide services to creditors and collection agencies in various industries.  We routinely litigate issues related to contract disputes (commercial leases, promissory notes, noncompete agreements, etc.), payment disputes (invoices, open account), negotiable instruments (dishonored checks), equipment replevin and repossession, money garnishment, wage garnishment, real and personal property attachment / levy, and fraudulent asset transfers.  Additionally, the firm represents creditors’ rights in bankruptcy and counsels commercial credit professionals on compliance issues.

Building & Construction Litigation
The firm’s construction litigation practice has a broad client base of general contractors, subcontractors, architects, labor and materialmen, and property owners.  Our services include prosecution and defense of lien foreclosure actions, compliance with lien perfection requirements, defense of negligence claims and insurance litigation, and commercial arbitration.

Consumer & Retail Debt Collection
Jorge M. Abril, P.A. counsels consumer creditors and collection agencies on HIPAA, FDCPA, FCRA, and other applicable legal and regulatory compliance issues.  Additionally, we accept referral of bad debt portfolios within the statute of limitations, and we even purchase portfolios under certain circumstances.

International Debt Collection
Jorge M. Abril, P.A. represents creditors from all over the globe.  We focus heavily on domestication and collection of foreign judgments in Florida, and we have available a broad network of attorneys in other jurisdictions to whom we can refer cases outside of our geographical practice.